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Моделирование производственных систем


The article is devoted to develop dynamic multifactor model of the functioning of industrial organizational structures. The model allows to evaluate and predict the effectiveness of ongoing organizational and technical measures. Evaluation is made on the analysis of the current state of organizational and technical level of production system, the level of real wages, constructive-technological complexity of manufactured products (services). Accounting for such endogenous indicators allows us to consider the organizational structure as a closed single unstructured whole, characterized by organizational and technical level, which produces a single universal product, measured in units of constructive-technological complexity, and the result of which is the level of real salaries of workers. The basis of the model laid a dynamic model of the economy with discrete time Solow, industrial-motivational concept G. Samarin, synergistic benchmarking - the practical application of scientific school "Economic Synergetics" B. Kuznetsova, the theory of constructive-technological complexity - the practical application of scientific direction "Theory of efficiency and improvement of integrated industrial production," the head of B. Yakimovich. The text of your abstract should be placed here. It is in your own interest to ensure the abstract adequately describes the content of your paper.